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Testimonials from fans and clients

Many fans and Clients alike have responded with positive input after hearing as well as dealing with The Jilt project and its members


  • Gary Hostetler Owner and Manager of The Cascade Bar and Grill commented that to him Jilt is a rare commodity and that in his experience it is unusual to come across a band with this level of talent that is so easy to work with "highly professional". He went on to say that he felt the band had a national expertise and Jilt is one of the best bands he has heard in some time.


  • Corinna  Damars Jilt fan I listen to many bands in our area...I think this is an amazing band and I will go see them again and again..don’t miss this band if you get a chance to see them...


  • Greg Lint President of Oak Knoll Winery commented that Jilt was a level A Band and brought  a real success to the venue when they performed, they are easy to work with and a stellar attraction we plan on having them back


  • Phil Klahn (aka Phankl)  jilt Fan and Musical colleugue  Jilt is an amazing blend of talented musicians who take classic rock and turn it on its ear, pushing boundaries on the familiar and delivering the upper echelons of the genre with satisfying results.


  • Brian O’Neil Management at Irishtown Pub and Grill commented...Jilt really kept the crowd on their feet, there performance was second to none they brought a large fan base and were great to work with...I would definitely recommend this band to anyone who is looking for a band


  • Kelly Duncan in charge of recommending Bands at New Hings in Oregon City she stated that the talent level in this band is outstanding the bands set lists are very appealing to most audience’s..This band plays songs that no one else does and people really enjoy the concert feel they deliver..."Highly Recommended" band…. always a packed house...


As the testimonials page is a constant work in progress  we just wanted to mention a few of our most recent comments here to give someone an I Idea of what jilt is about from fans and clients perspectives...additionally you can see more testimonial’s from fans and Clients on the Jilt band FB page

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