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Here are some links to various web sites associated to Jilt

Simply click on the picture of the site you wish to go to ;)

Jim Dorthy Photograghy

A truly gifted photographer Jim captures the pictures that make time stand still...he is Jilts go to guy.... just click his picture and it will take you directly to his website where you can see for yourself.... This guy has the eye !!!!


Its no secret that the band members of Jilt have various projects from Original to Covers....Do your self a favor and catch a Hip waiters show with Jilt Drummer Norm Whitehurst....A high energy three piece that will have you dancing all night...just click on the picture to be directed to the Hipwaiters site

Jason More guitar lessons

Not only is Jason the lead guitar player for Jilt !!.. He is the most sought after guitar instructor in the Portland Metro area.!! With hundreds of students already trained by Jason... he offers a variety of skill level training from beginners to advanced....Just click his picture and it will take you straight to his school where you can start learning to shred like Jason!!!

CD Baby

As music is a part of all aspects of Jilt... Band Member... Pat Yadon has been involved in four original projects throughout his musical journey... the CD's are available as get a copy of one of the various projects he has been associated with...

Like ......Sensible Nonsense.....The Rust.....Endurance... go to CD baby and pic up a copy of His latest solo release....Sleeping Giant

Kool Tones

Guitar player Marty McCray and his well-known band...

...The Kool Tones.... Marty also Lead Guitar for Random Pressure as well as many other projects....a real area heavyweight in the world of music...The kool tones play everything from the 60's to the 90's...check them out when you get a chance!!!


CD Baby

Jilt band member's Pat Yadon, and Jim Beaty teaming on this past project... Pat has had the fortune of working with area greats on this debut CD of the Rust..album oriented rock a melodic progressive rock Pop CD  ranked by various web magazines as a phenomenal Debut !!...  teaming with co-writers, Phil Klahn, Dan McAlister, and Charlie Swift...A knockout homerun CD...add it to your collection today !!!

Random Pressure


Jilt band members: Pat Yadon, Norm Whitehurst, and Ted Gardner worked together in this project with Local legend Marty McCray in this Power house lineup.. With Michael D'Leora  on bass.  A five piece Heavy hitter with miles of shows and experience... Random Pressure is completely worth a listen and will not the pic check out their website and see when the next show is!!...

CD Baby

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