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Jim began playing music at an early age, discovering the bass while in junior high, developing a true connection with his instrument. Though an accomplished guitarist singer and songwriter Jims first Luv of the musical world was bass. This alone set's Jim aside from all others as bass has always been his first and primary instrument, a real artist he is beyond an asset to every project he has been involved with.  Jim delivers an unsurpassed dynamic foundation in the Jilt Rhythm section team.... He has been Playing in Rock bands throughout  Washington and Oregon for over three decades, Rock bands  Like The Rust, Back Burners, Phamous faces, and various other reputable projects throughout the North West, His chops developed over years of performance while emulating his musical heroes...such as John Paul Jones, Geddy Lee, and Peter 'Mars' Cowling, as well as guitarist Pat Metheny.  Jim now at the top of all area bassists delivers a polished perfected sound and foundation in the Jilt machine


At the age of 5, Phil  was introduced to formal piano training... for the next 8 years, he played piano recitals, studied music theory, and built a respectable classical music repertoire admired by countless fans throughout his journey.... As a teenager Phil made two significant discoveries... his undeniable ability to learn Music by ear at a feverish pace. It was not long before he incorporated the complexity of various synthesizers and the mighty hammond B3....continuously  developing an unbelievable talent and skill in sound palette reproduction...only equaled by his precision accuracy on the keys.....Ted has performed with various recording artist's, like Jeff Scheetz...and during his tenure with Jeff, Ted recorded two albums and a live DVD.... he has performed in various national events,... including opening slots for ELO, The Jeff Healey Band, .38 Special and Petra. Phil Klahn .. is a true " Must see Talent" in the Pacific NW...  

Born and raised in BFE  ,Larry  got started at a very early age largely influenced by his uncle who played drums for  everyone He got his first drum set when he was 1. ...listening mainly to the music his Mom played.. top 40 hits of the time, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, and tons of show tunes. Adolescence brought the odd combination of Glenn Miller , Kiss, ..Then AC/DC, Van Halen, and Judas Priest. In 1981, a neighborhood pal sat  Larry down and made him listen to a Band that would change his life:.. "Rush "  Larry Became  completely obsessed with the drumming of Neil Peart. (The same thing would happen with Dream Theater in 2001)....

Starting out as a drummer at age 12,... by age 14 was playing in local clubs in southern Oregon began singing backups in various bands and soon learned that he had a gift... an ability that undeniably stood out... Throughout his journey as a drummer in various projects he was being asked to sing more and more until ultimately becoming the front man.  He holds an AA degree in Recording Engineering from the Audio/Video Institute in Hollywood California where he studied with Andy McKinzie  ( recorded multiple artist's Megadeath,Lita ford, Bruce Hornsby and more) and Michael Flicker ( produced  Heart ), among others. In addition he is an accomplished songwriter,. With three original CD's to his credit.. His first solo CD was recorded at the Music Lab and mixed at the Bakery in Hollywood. The CD was named "Sensible Nonsense", it featured a single "I'll Always Love You"   which received considerable airplay. The CD was picked up by an independent label, JK Jam Productions in Saratoga Springs New York and received serious consideration by Atlantic Records but ultimately no deal, as the music scene was evolving into the Nirvana era... the remaining two CD's (not yet released however in the works with projected release's in 2018)... Fast forward to today...now the Front Man for Jilt as well as other projects    delivering a high energy powerful original tone... seasoned with years of experience and dedication. Graced with inspiring recognition from colleagues, clients, and fans alike,  often praised as a Top area Talent. ...Pat's  Vocal’s.. add the final seal to the Jilt project !!!!!


Jason picked up his first guitar at age 12 from here he says he can never remember setting his guitar down. His guitar became his constant companion as a child, he continued his intrigue with the art into college studying under Walt Lowry, who instructed him in classical guitar, shortly after mastering classical guitar, Jason began to study the complexity of Jazz under instructor Margaret Slovak, and from there it’s all history…. Establishing his own style now emulated by various others, a highly skilled master and seasoned veteran  at his Craft..... Influenced by guitar legends such as Eddy Van-Halen, Joe Satriani, Yngwie  Malmsteen, George Lynch, and numerous others, Jason is a lead guitar master in a class of his own,  with various projects to his credit like, Stevie Mays, Andy Stokes, Spank, Nicked ,and the juice, Jamie’s Rock and Roll legends, Captain Fantastic, and many more well-known projects. Additionally Jason has his own line of guitars "Jason Moore Guitars" sold nationally...  Jason is also a teacher of the art... training numerous students of all ages... now in the hundreds!!!...Come catch Jason in his new environment with Jilt..wailing out leads like.... Eruption by VH....Jason’s wailing solos add the final touch to the Jilt arena sound....



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